The Foundation at Ruthin Castle

The Foundation at Ruthin Castle is a new charitable trust set up specifically for the restoration, preservation and preventative maintenance of the Ruthin Castle Estate including the 13th Century castle, the 'castle mansion', auxiliary buildings and historical walls and grounds and for engagement with the local community and other interested parties, by way of access and educational involvement. The latter aim including co-operation with regional schools and higher education colleges to raise the skill-sets and knowledge within the local workforce.

In order to achieve its goals, the Foundation aims to raise funding from all available sources and create sustainable commercial sources of revenue within the overall conservation project, to ensure that ongoing maintenance is provided for.

The current owners, the Saint Claire family have held the property since 2004 via their hotel company, Ruthin Castle Limited and in fighting to conserve the overall property with some assistance from the Welsh Government Tourism Investment Support Scheme, have expended more than £4million on the repair, development and refurbishment of the property in that time, including bringing large decayed and outdated portions of the interior back into use.

The most recent estimate of the costs of an external Conservation Program to the 13th Century walls and 'castle mansion' walls, excluding the gardens and grounds, prepared in 2008 was in the order of £2million. This would include:

  • Restoration, preservation and preventative maintenance of the Ruthin Castle Estate including the 13th Century castle, the castle mansion, auxiliary buildings and historical walls, gardens, grounds and associated features
  • Development of education and conservation related projects at Ruthin Castle
  • To secure funding for the above activities including securing sustainable long term funding to enable sustainable maintenance
  • To attract significant additional footfall to the area/ town with a view to increasing spend opportunities in the town

For further information, or queries about the Foundation at Ruthin Castle, email foundation@ruthincastle.co.uk

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