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Medieval Feasts

Ruthin Castle provides a superb stage for hosting themed medieval dinners modeled upon the legendary feasts the Earl of Warwick held at The Castle in the 16th century.

Revellers assemble in the Presence Chamber for the partaking of bread and salt, age-old symbols of hospitality. The fully costumed Court Steward will then escort you into the lofty Banqueting Hall where the Ladies of the Court will entertain, sing (in both Welsh and English), and lead the evening’s feasting with daggers and fingers accompanied by a Toast of mead and a Goblet of Wine (Red or White available).

Our guests may wear everyday clothing, their own costume, or hire one from the Costume Company.

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Medieval Feast Dates

If you have a specific date in mind, or wish to organise a private event, call us on 01824 702664 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, email

October 27th
November 3rd
January 12th
February 8th & 15th
March 8th & 23rd
April 6th & 19th
May 10th
June 7th
July 12th & 27th
August 16th
September 7th & 27th
October 4th and 26th
November 15th & 30th


Banquet £55.00pp

BOOK NOW - call our Banqueting Team on 01824 702664.

Medieval themed weddings are also hosted at Ruthin Castle. Click here for further information.

*Soft drinks, ale and further wine are available to purchase.

Medieval Feasts at Ruthin Castle

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