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As summer approaches

Well looking at the view from the office today and actually the past few days we have a beautiful sunny day once again. Its nice to see people taking a stroll through the gardens and enjoying an afternoon tea on the terraces or just a coffee and relaxing taking in the Peacocks and the sunshine.

Our Chef has been busy creating our new wedding menus lately, I must say they sound amazing! these will soon be published in our new wedding brochure that will be out in the next few months for 2017/18.

What a week we have just had. BMW were with us for a week. great guys! most from Germany and they really made themselves at home and had a very successful car conference with the journalists and filming.

The Christmas brochure is complete and should be with us this week.. I know.. don’t mention Christmas but we sell out so fast that we like to make sure our guests get the information as early as possible.

Work is continuing on the Ruthin Castle Conservation Trust and further information can be found on the trusts facebook page


Joanne in the finance office has shared the following with us:

“I am always eager to try new things and when Rhys Evans recently came on board as our Gym and Spa manager, I was keen to see if he could convince me to get myself back to the gym and beach body ready.  Being office based Monday-Friday it’s very easy to sit at your desk all day grazing on naughty things that you shouldn’t (damned.. penny sweets are my downfall) Rhys was very enthusiastic and promised to set me up with a plan to get me back into a routine.  Following my first training session with Rhys I felt exhausted, I had boxed, rowed, plank (ed)…… and flopped towards the end but, he continued to push me (which is what I really needed) I am back for session number 2 today…..i’m a little scared, but excited about the potential results! #nopainnogain if you are interested in having an informal chat or arranging a induction session with Rhys please contact Rhys@ruthincastle.co.uk or alternatively call 01824 702664 Ext: 371″.

Ceri in the reservations team shared the following:

I married my childhood sweetheart last week and we had an amazing day. The sun came out after all that snow and the photos will look amazing we cant wait to see them. My now HUSBAND ( i still cant get used to saying that! ) have been together for 10 years, we have a beautiful daughter Livi who was a wonderful bridesmaid with her cousin Indi. I wore a Champagne coloured dress and the bridesmaids wore blush. I’m glad now that the planning is over but it was all worth it in the end!

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