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Themed Wedding Ideas: How to Plan A Day That’s Unique to You | Ruthin Castle Hotel

Whether your dream wedding is a winter wonderland, a medieval banquet or a whimsical garden party, planning your special day takes a ton of inspiration.

When you have a specific vision in mind for your wedding day, it often makes it easier to pull together all the things you need to make it perfect. From the invitations and menus to the flowers and the music, a theme can guide you in a certain direction that makes your special day one that is unique to you.

Make Your Day Stand Out

How you plan your wedding depends on the extent you wish to show off your chosen theme. A non-traditional wedding doesn’t always have to be over-the-top so while you might not want to go completely off the beaten track with your day, you shouldn’t be afraid to personalise it.  Perhaps you can do this with the catering or in the way your bridal party is dressed. This is your opportunity to be creative and have fun and the results will certainly be appreciated by your guests.

It’s All in The Details

While you might not want your theme involved in everything, there are some things that certainly lend themselves to personalisation. Traditional elements of the day such as the bridal bouquet, the table centerpieces, the wedding favours and the cake are all things that will allow you to show off your personalities and taste as a couple. Quirky and unusual weddings are becoming more and more popular, particularly with the rise of the ‘destination wedding’ trend.

Get Everyone Involved

A themed wedding can break the ice when it come to how guests interact with one another. Certain themes can encourage a great deal of interaction. A medieval theme, for example, can incorporate traditions and entertainment that can bring people together in a way that a traditional wedding may not. This theme in itself can conjure up images of romantic knights and princesses, masquerade balls and even references from popular culture such as Lord of the Rings. Of course, one thing to bear in mind is that if you want your guests to be as committed to the theme as you are then it’s best to let them know well in advance!

Whether you’re already in deep wedding-planning mode or you haven’t yet considered which venue will host your perfect day, we’re here to guide you in the right direction. Why not choose a castle venue nestled at the foot of North Wales’ Clwydian Range? With its distinctive charm, Ruthin Castle will leave your guests with lasting memories.

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