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Archives for March 2023

Spring Has Arrived!

After a surprise late wintry blast in March,  it looks like we're experiencing spring weather at last. It was lovely to see the Clwydian hills covered in a thick blanket of snow - I even managed to ski to my local pub one evening which was a real treat! Fabulous to see the Castle cherry trees were coming into spring flowers.  A lovely time of year - seeing the grounds wake up from their … [Read more...]

Let’s Get Muddy!

What is the Mud Rasul? Dating back over hundreds of years the Mud Rasul is of Arabic decent and uses mineral-rich mud to detoxify, cleanse your skin and ease muscle aches and pains. The Mud Rasul is a private, warm, sanctuary (think of it as your own private steam room) just for you and your guest. Start by applying a salt to really exfoliate and prepare your skin. Shower until your skin is … [Read more...]